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Property left to a married person after their spouse passes away can after remarriage go the new spouse contrary to the intention of the spouse who has passed away.

Unmarried couples living together:

‘Common-law’ partners under the law of intestacy will not get the same as married people. The property without making a will is going to pass to the children of the deceased in the first instance and then the parents. A fight for their inheritance in a court of law becomes a real possibility.

Excellent benefits of making a Will:

  1. Decide what age children receive their inheritance. Financially recognize children from any previous relationship.
  2. Include or exclude family members which can only be done through a will.
  3. Avoid family disputes
  4. Protect disabled children from losing their benefits
  5. Ensure family do not have to go through hardship to get their inheritance
  6. Give your spouse what they deserve and not want the government decides.
  7. Don’t allow the sale of assets by children so that they can realise their inheritance
  8. Make sure the taxman does not get tax that could have legally been avoided.
  9. Stop the bank or a solicitor charging whatever they want to distribute your estate.
  10. Leave something to people other than family members.