Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


A will can be valid as long as it is drafted, attested and witnessed correctly.

Anyone over the age of 18 in writing or orally in times of active service in the armed forces
Your property will pass under the laws of Intestacy
You only need to use a solicitor if:
– You are not a British citizen and your permanent home is not in the UK.
– Sole traders who want their businesses continued in a specific way
– Farm owners
It is always better to do a will sooner rather than later as life can be unpredictable.
Different foreign jurisdictions are unlikely to accept a will not made in that jurisdiction thus you are advised to make a will for foreign assets in the country where those assets are. This then ensures those assets are dealt with after you pass away according to your wishes.
Wills may be changed or revoked completely as long as it is done according to the law. A codicil can be used to change a part of a will however it is advised that a new will is drafted as there is no less financial detriment.
Yes. Everybody should have control of who gets their money after they pass away and a will helps to achieve that.
You do not have to pay for storage and it is not a legal requirement. Storage helps to protect your will in an environment where it will not be damaged by fire/Flood and where it is less inclined to be the subject of fraud or alteration by others who wish to cheat your intended beneficiaries. Access for executors is easy and stress free.
Mirror Will is prepared when a couple make Wills which are mostly identical. This can happen when leaving their whole estate to each other and then to children or a named beneficiary where they do not have children. They still have to make separate wills.